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02. Horizon 2


02. Horizon 2

Horizon 2 was created in 1999 using a Praktica MTL3 35mm film camera and an Apple Mac 7300 computer.Originally being designed for Screen Print it was one of the first art works that I decided to produce digitally.Instead of hand drawing the artwork using a rotoring pen I was going to use my new Mac in the corner. It all began with a 6x4 inch photograph taken with my trusty Praktica camera. Having scanned and adjusted the photograph in Photoshop 4, the scan was then simplified and vectorized using 25/50 colours in Adobe Streamline. After further colour reductions and many vector adjustments in illustrator 8, Horizon 2 was finally composed ready for Screen Printing. In the November of 1999 JD Weatherspoon commissioned a huge 32x56 inch digital print of Horizon 2 .With advances in digital printing this was achieved and my earlier plans for Screen Printing an edition were abandoned. Since 2009, with the development of print on demand, Horizon 2 has been available for everyone.It can now be printed on canvas and on various art papers in many different size ratios Essentially Horizon 2 is a fusion of photographic and digital technology. As a Fusion Artist I utilise, join, blend and unify these technologies, hopefully producing new exciting imagery. Horizon 2 - dh copyright www.artfusions.co.uk

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